Bovine Beauty!

Our very pregnant and cranky Scottish Highland cross, “Big Momma” Harriet, last June before she delivered her first calf for us.

Lander (81)

“Big Momma” Harriet, Scottish Highland cross

A few days later, we got to the farm in the morning and were greeted by Harriet and one enormous little heifer, Rosabelle. We got the baby on the scales that afternoon and she weighed in at 87 lbs! Fat little baby. Rosabelle was born with instant personality, hopping around and kicking up her heels if she thinks you are bothering her.

Lander (113)

“Big Momma” Harriet and Baby Rosabelle

I was pretty nervous about our first birth at the Red Barn,  I’ll be honest. I think that first time waiting for one of our animals to deliver a healthy, happy little calf was as nerve-wracking as waiting for my own little mud-bugs to arrive. I kept praying that she wouldn’t deliver in the middle of the  night when we weren’t close by.  That is one of the scariest parts about not living on site. But,  Harriet was a trooper and her delivery was flawless. In fact, when we got there the next morning we didn’t even realize at first glance that she had the baby until we saw Rosabelle pop out from behind!

We were pretty excited that her first baby at the farm was a little heifer. It puts us on track for the next few years. We were really hoping that her first baby wasn’t going to be destined for the freezer!

And now we wait again until the spring when Harriet is set to deliver us another little beauty…


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