Scattered from here to there

Our current efforts at starting our farm are scattered halfway across the county and back. We are blessed to live directly between two of our family farms. One my side of the family, we keep “Big Momma” Harriet and her little heifer from last summer,  Rosabelle, at a farm owned by my step-dad about 15 minutes away. We also raise our yearly butcher steer there. My little mud-bugs love to go see “Big Momma” and wait for her new babies to arrive in the spring.

Our pork comes from the pigs at my in-laws farm, where my husband grew up. I love watching those little piggies go from tiny little newborns to fat, happy piggies rooting and digging through the trees! Our current tired old laying hens roam around there, causing all manner of trouble.

Our garden spreads from my backyard, to the in-laws farm (Farm on the Mountain), to my step-dad’s farm (the Red Barn) where he has given me a garden lot that is 300 ft by 30 in between two pastures. The electric fence there should help keep the deer out this summer!


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