Chicken Camper

Here I am, again, thinking about chickens when I should be sleeping! Our chicks will arrive in 2 weeks and spend the tail end of winter growing in their brooder in the basement. We will be building the new coop outside while they are safe and warm down there.

We were given a free camper last summer that is just getting too rough to comfortably camp in with the 3 little mud bugs.  It is starting to show it’s age and not so perky about keeping the rain outside . But, it was FREE! Free is pretty much always awesome! (Unless it’s a free goldfish. “Free” goldfish always end badly.)

After deciding not  to try to make the repairs necessary for using it to camp, we agreed to turn  it into a chicken camper.  We have enough scrap lumber around to make it almost free. Again, free=awesome. Not necessarily pretty. Heck, usually not even remotely pretty. But I’m cheap so I’ll take it!

After scoping out Google, it became obvious that there aren’t very many chicken camper inspiration photos. Which means I will be compulsively photographing the entire process to help inspire any other crazy people who look at a a camper and think,  “A camper for camping? Nah, let’s fill it with chickens. They can be all happy and lay eggs and poop everywhere.”

Once it is complete, it will painted with beautiful designs by my oldest mud bug baby. She is lobbying hard for painting the whole thing to look like cats. Um? Really, mud bug? Still with the cats?

It seems a little rude to paint the outside of the coop with cartoon-ish cat faces painted by a 6-year-old who thinks everything should have a cat or two included. Especially considering she wants to paint cats that look like our cat. The same cat that will certainly be sitting outside of chicken land, wanting to eat them.

Maybe I can distract her with painting flowers or rainbows.  Anything but animals that want to turn the poor chickens into a meal.


10 thoughts on “Chicken Camper

  1. Ugh, free goldfish are awful. D: Even the ones I had as a kid that lived over a year were a bad idea. You might find chicken camper ideas by looking on I saw someone on there that made a bug-out vehicle for their chickens and it was a great thing, too, because there were huge fires that made them have to leave with all their animals. 😛

  2. I can not wait to see the finished product, it is totally something that we would do!! Your chickens are going to be camping in style. Who cares what it looks like, it’s (almost) gonna be free!!!

  3. just failed on the google search as well after scoring a free camper. It’s a vintage ‘Prowler.’ Yikes. Looking forward to your posted pics.

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