The Sunday Dinner Farm exists solely in my heart… for now.

The daily prompt challenge for today is to “explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.”

For me, it is pretty simple. Mostly. The Sunday Dinner Farm is the name that I hope to someday have hanging in front of the farm that I hope to someday create with my husband and children. Hopefully…

But, until then, the Sunday Dinner Farm is a place in my heart. It is the collection of ideas, efforts, and dreams that my husband and I share as we raise our children. It is knowing in our core that we want something different for our life and our babies, that this frantic keeping up and  chasing round is just not what we are meant to do.

The Sunday Dinner Farm is our garden, our animals, our livestock and our hope. It is more than just becoming prepared, or self-sustaining. It is the idea that we can nourish our bodies, hearts, and children from our own land. Teach them to think, truly think, about what they can contribute and what they are taking. To walk past trendy/returning to our roots and build the home and farm that our children will carry with them wherever they land in this world. It is the picture in my mind of having my children, family, and friends sitting around my table on a Sunday afternoon. I can see the food from our farm being passed, the noise rising and falling as we laugh, talk and truly enjoy each other. It is being married to my best friend, no longer the young boy I had a crush on 20 years ago, and loving the way he says,”We’ll be old together someday. We’ll sit on the porch and rock and remember when we were young.”

And we’ll have a full house for Sunday Dinner.


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Dinner Farm exists solely in my heart… for now.

  1. I hope you do too… I had that wonderful experience growing up and it has carried over to these days with gratitude. When you get a chance look up some of my blog stories…such as Especially Today, Legacy, Pumpkins Stacked At The Door etc…

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