The babies are here!

Our babies came today! .
10 Easter Eggers
5 Welsummer
5 Silver laced Wyandotte
5 Speckled Sussex

All 25 arrived alive. 2 are questionable.

The teeny tiniest chick isn’t very perky, but she did eat and drink and totter around a bit. She is just a bitty little girl compared to everyone else. A few others seem determined to sit on her, but she has enough spunk to stand up and dump them off.

The other questionable chick has her claw tucked under, almost upside down. Aside from the “flipper foot”, she has a great appetite and was trying to scamper around. We’ll see how she does overnight, or if I need to make her a little boot in the morning to uncurl her foot. I’m pretty sure she’ll be stuck with the name Flipper.

We had some trial and error to get their light set just right, between too low and too warm and too high and huddled up. They are now all snoozing in a circle around the edge of the lamp, which seems to be the sweet spot between cooked and cold. Even a smidge higher and they all pile back up under it. They come back to get nice and warm, then go tearing all around the box again.

I think I have already found the two that are going to duke it out for Queen of the Coop. They are bossy little girls, not afraid to shove the others out of the way to get to food. Or to climb right over anyone in their way. The kids and I giggled over watching those two chase each other around.

The brooder box seems just about perfect for being slapped together from the wood pile. Nice high walls to block any drafts, a mesh wire top to keep kitty away, and Mountain Man hooked a tether cable to the light so there is no way it can get knocked over or fall onto the floor.

But the best part of the day was taking my oldest mud bug, my six year old “BossyBritches”, into the post office with me. We could hear the babies peeping behind the door, and she was so excited she was shaking! I snapped a quick picture of her holding the box before we left. She was grinning ear to ear.

It was a perfect day.


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