She’s got man hands…again.

Help me out here, ladies! With a baby in the house, I am already washing my hands a million times a day with bottles, diapers, and the general yuckiness that comes with three kids. Now with the chicks here, I am washing them even more. My hands are raw and red every winter. They actually bleed. I have tried so many things in the past to help and have found no lotion or potion that actually improves them without stinging and burning.


Give me your best advice on how to stop my hands from looking like I just exfoliated with a cheese grater. PLEASE! And, thank you.


9 thoughts on “She’s got man hands…again.

    • I have tried Melaluca, Bag Balm brand, Udder Balm brand, Jergens, Vaseline, “Rough Hands”, the green and yellow one at Tractor Supply, the day lotion from Duluth Trading Co, butt paste, diaper creme, Avon lotions, etc.. If course, not all at the same time 😉 Have even tried to sleep with soft gloves on to help. Haven’t found a winner yet!

  1. Random ideas (all stuff I’ve tried, with various success rates):
    •Old cotton gardening gloves and olive oil-smeared hands. Leave the mess on overnight.
    •Palmer’s cocoa butter in the tub – the ointment, not the lotion.
    •Cortizone cream (it’s an anti-inflammatory, as you probably know – so it reduces redness and rawness and that horrible throbbing feeling. However, if you use it ever day for a long time, it will make your skin thinner, which means your skin is more likely to crack if it gets dry).
    •Wash with lukewarm water, because both cold and hot water are more drying.
    •Keep a bunch of disposable latex – or latex alternative – gloves around the house and wear them for anything that gets your hands wet or icky. Then instead of washing your hands you can just toss the gloves. OK, maybe not environmentally sound, but these are your hands we’re talking about here.
    •Just quit washing your hands so much, even if it’s gross and totally the opposite of what a normal clean person would do. Ignore the CDC. Embrace the germs. Stop thinking about it.

    You’re still thinking about the germs, aren’t you?

  2. Cocoa butter, wearing gloves and less washing your hands! Try just patting them off with a soft cloth rather than getting the hand cleaner out every time.

    Clara x

  3. Here you go… It’s called Working Hands and they sell it at Wal-Mart. Hands (pun intended!) down the best I’ve ever used. I have sensitive hands to begin with. Eczema from many years ago. (I raised 3 kids and babysat for a living to stay home with mine, so…lots of diapers and cute little pink butts, (they had just came out with disposables and was leary of them back then!), washing dishes (dishwashers were for the very rich), washing highchairs, cute sweet faces, little hands, you name it, it got washed). Then followed by returning to my then “career” being a Chef at a fine dining restaurant. The Eczema is gone now, I’m 57 and a grandma to 8 grandchildren. Yes, I said “8”! That’s like having a daycare all over again! So, back to my point. Most hand creams do not work for my hands. This stuff works! No burning, just sighs of “Oh thank you God, that feels so good!” I hope this one works for you. Try the smaller size for like $6 bucks to see if it works for you. They make a larger size for like $16 bucks. But it is just so worth it! Let me know if it works, it’s nice to know when a product works for someone else 🙂 Anyway, here is a link from Wal-Marts for it:

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