Vanity, thy name is chicken.

I love watching the baby girls preen and groom their feathers. They are more intent than a teenage girl in front of the mirror.

The chicks are getting big enough to start playing and flapping around to land on each other. It makes me laugh when a chick finally gets comfy to fall asleep and a couple other chicks put their little heads together, like they are plotting, then pounce on the one that is sleeping. They run away so fast you can almost hear them saying,” Neener Neener Neener…”

I’m happy to see they are getting used to me. They still go into their high alert huddle when I open the brooder lid to clean their dishes and fill them up. But, they are getting used to me talking through the top and they don’t startle when I stick around for a bit to chat with them.

I have been trying to figure out which chicks are which breed. We ordered 10 EE, 5 Welsummer, 5 Silver Laced Wyandotte, and 5 Speckled Sussex. The chicks that arrived have three distinct patterns; brown chipmunk, black chipmunk, and almost all black. We lost two brown chipmunk and two almost all black. The remaining chicks are 4 black chipmunk, 1 almost all black (but with the same head markings as the black chipmunk) and the rest are various shades of brown chipmunk. The 4 black chipmunk are the SL Wyandottes, but not sure if the little black one is a SS or SLW. Thankfully, some of the brown chipmunks are developing green legs which will make it easier to pick out the Easter Eggers.

Any tips on how to figure out which chicks are which? The hatchery photos for SS, Welsummer, and EE all show chicks that look like brown chipmunk. Not helping me figure them out!


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