No more poopy water dishes!

Most things about having chickens are just plain awesome. Poopy, bedding filled water jugs are not awesome. Even the chicks can fill their little red screw on waterers with bedding and poop in about 10 minutes flat. So, I just ordered 4 brooder bottle caps from The Chicken Fountain. I have been reading about them on The Chicken Chick blog and couldn’t wait to try them, especially with the free shipping right now.

Brooder Bottle Cap

I would like to eventually order the Mega Fountain for the coop.

Mega Fountain

You can see more about the fountains and brooder bottle caps at The Chicken Fountain website or look them up on Facebook. I have seen the red nipple pieces sell for more in a catalog than the whole Brooder Bottle Cap sells for and I was really excited to learn that The Chicken Fountain business is located in North Carolina, where a Dad and his sons assemble and create the fountains and bottle caps at their own farm! It’s always good to be able to support a business that is actually in the USA and backed by a real family working together. I will be posting more about them as soon as the caps arrive and we can get them in the brooder.


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