Week Two Chicky Photos

The chicks are two weeks old tomorrow and they are growing so fast.  I already have my favorites! It’s getting much easier to match the breeds, now that the EE’s are getting green legs and cheek muffs.

Look at those tailfeathers!

Look at those tailfeathers!

Easter Egger Green Legs

Easter Egger Green Legs

Love those cheek muffs!

Love those Easter Egger cheek muffs!

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandotte

They all have their own unique eyeliner

They all have their own unique eyeliner













One thought on “Week Two Chicky Photos

  1. The little chicks are very beautiful…what fun for your own children to watch them grow. Maybe you will try baby turkeys one day! My collegue raised them…had eggs hatch in her classroom…kids watched poults for a couple of weeks, then she took them home to raise……eventually put on a Christmas dinner for her class to make the cycle complete… ( my collegue is an old farm girl like myself). She had taught the kids ( all town kids) from the beginning what would happen.

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